Thursday, December 30, 2010

Environmental protection technology is the context of this project. It investigates by artistic means the social and political impacts of oil cleanup process of Newton Creek, where there is a huge amount of petroleum to be extracted from beneath an urban community.  This  local situation is a reflection of the overall global implications of Clean Up Technology (end of pipe engineering) paradigm as it impacts the social sphere. 

The center piece of the project is the archetypal oil pump jack, which image is recognizable and ubiquitous on the oilfields around the world. The actual-size, working replica pump will be installed and made of suitable materials in an available public place. Its showy appearance would borrow from amusement park imagery. An oil worker’s cabin would be placed next to the pump with the project’s name and logo on it. The entire “oil’ compound” would be surrounded by a chain-link fence, however the oil worker’s cabin would be accessible to the public.