Istvan Szil CV

Selected one man exhibitions:

1995 Budapest Gallery, Budapest
1993 Tuzolto Street 72, Budapest
1992 Tuzolto Street 72, Budapest
1991 Studio Gallery, Budapest
1990 New Gender , Ujlak Mozi, Budapest
1988 FMK, Budapest, Hungary
1987 Berzsenyi D. College, Szombathely, Hungary

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2005 Ravasz&Adam&Adam, ICA Dunaujvaros, HU (curated by Zsolt Petranyi)
Battleship Potemkin, Gallery128, Video projection, Music:Ana Callahan
2004 Self-ish, 128 Rivington (organized by Kazuko Miyamoto, Lori Waxman, David Higginbotham)
Free Biennial, with Magdalen Pierrakos (organized by Sal Randolph
Work in Progress, Sculpture Space Residency , Utica NY
2001Surprise, ICA Dunaujvaros ,HU (curated by Balazs Beothy and others)
I would feel sorry if you thought tha tyou can’t get everything that you deserve, FRAC, Caen France (curated by Barnabas Bencsik)
The Brewster Project, Brewster NY (organized by Omar Lopez Chahoud, Chris Ho, Regine Basha, curated by Karen Jones)
Porn Project , Artist Alliance, New York (organized by Paul Clay)
Lecture Lounge, PS1 ClockTower, New York
2000 Media Modell, Kunsthalle Budapest,HU (curated by Miklos Peternak)
idiopath/, Diana Kingsley, Stephane Le Mercier, Istvan Szili (organized by Istvan Szili)
1998 Try again later, Gas Works Gallery, London (curated by B. Bencsik, I.Petrina )
1997Friday, Muterem Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Petit, Econome, Tonitruant, Gallery Triangle, Rennes (curated by Stephane Le Mercier)
sic ! Kiscelli Museum, Budapest, Hungary (curated by Andras Zwickl )
sic ! Kiscelli Museum, Budapest, Hungary (curated by Andras Zwickl )
1996The Least, Ernst Museum, Budapest, Hungary (curated by E. Babarczy, B. Bencsik, B. Beothy )
1995Ubergange, Cyrill and Method Museum, Sofia, Bulgaria (curated by Hans Knoll)
Kulturabkommen, St. Jacobi Church (curated by Monika Wucher PBK)
Derkovits Scholarship Exhibition, Budapest, Hungary
Gallery by Night, Studio Gallery, Budapest, Beyond Belief, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago (curated by Laura Hoptman)
1994 Mornings He Felt Groggy, Dana Arts Center, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY (with Diana Kingsley)
Derkovits Scholarship Exhibition, Kunsthalle, Budapest
Ujlak Sport, Kunsthalle, Budapest
1993 Real Small (Little Things), Feszek Klub, Budapest, Randolph Street Gallery, Chicago, Art in General, NYC and tour ( curated by Laura Hoptman )
Ubergange ( Passage), Museum Moderner Kunst, Passau, Germany
( Curated by Hans Knoll )
Fremd und Vertraut (Foriner and Reliable), Ujlak Group, Kulturfabrik Saltzman, Kassel, Germany
Ujlak Group, Goethe Institute, Budapest
Polyphonia, Soros Center for Contemporary Art, Budapest
Everything that gave her pleasure was small and depressed him, Knoll Gallery, Budapest (curated by Diana Kingsley)
Epigon, Kampnagel, Hamburg, Germany and Tozolto Street 72, (curated by Monika Wucher)
1992Ujlak Group, ICA, Dunaujvaros, Hungary
Ujlak Group, Tuzolto Street 72, Budapest
Analoge, Budapest Gallery, Budapest, (curated by Barnabas Bencsik)
1991Oscillation, Komarno, Slovak Republic, Museum of
Contemporary Art, Budapest, (curated by Laszlo Beke)
1990Ujlak Group, Ujlak Mozi, Budapest
Resource Kunst, Ujlak Group Performance, Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest
Sommeratelier, Ujlak Group, Hannover, Germany
Studio 90, Ujlak Group, Ernst Museum Budapest
1989 Krakow Graphic Biennial, Poland
Hungarian Furdo, Budapest


1993-96 Derkovits Gyula Scholarship
1995 Studio ‘ 95 prize (Ujlak Group)
1992-94 Soros Foundation Support (Ujlak Group)
1991 Studio ‘ 91 prize Eotvos Jozsef Scholarship (Ujlak Group)
1987 Kassak Exhibition, Salgotarjan

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